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Updated: October 22, 2022

Put Technology to Work!

with digitally printed binders

Custom Turned Edge Binder
Your Images, Copy & Art
Consider Round?
Round-Spine Binder
Snap it Shut
Custom Printed Flap Binder
Each is Different
Each Binder can be different
Each Binder can be different

Got a few questions?

1. What is the quantity?
Less than 300 binders. 50 to 150 are most common quantities. We have produced as small as 5 binders.
2. What is the setup?
Not hard. We provide a template. Add your graphics with Photoshop or Micro Illustrator. See more below.
3. What type of proofing?
PDF proof and color proof. If this is your first time we recommend a prototype binder with all your graphics set up on a binder.
4. What is the production time?
Usually in less than 12 days, but with the material situation, we have to check with production to give you an idea when we can ship the binders.
5. How do you ship the binders?
Small quantities by UPS. Larger quantities by freight truck on a pallet. Don't worry, we have deliveries with a lift gate truck to residential areas.
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